QUADRO Slip and Slide Extension



The QUADRO Slip and Slide Extension is suitable for the MODULAR and CURVED SLIDE. It has a total length of 6 meters and is made of high-quality fiber-reinforced pool tarpaulin, identical to the material we use for QUADRO POOLS.

The advantage of the QUADRO Slip and Slide Extension compared to similar products on the market is the plastic film that is significantly longer and more durable. And the thicker tarp dampens bumps on the lawn better.

The Slip and Slide Extension starts directly at the end of the slide run-out. The side supports ensure the water is held in the middle of the slip and slide and the weight ensures that it does not slip or move around on the ground

On its own the Slip and Slide Extension is a fantastically huge water slide providing hours of fun in your garden, not to mention the perfect expansion for the CURVED or MODULAR SLIDE.

99,99 €
 3 kg
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