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The BEGINNER Giant Construction Kit has 106 pieces that allow you to create a variety of great designs to enable your toddler* to go on their first climbing adventures.

Even before your child takes its first steps upright, they will practice a wide variety of skills every day. Mostly they just get up to sit down again. Some time later, the first very cautious steps follow while holding onto something. BEGINNER is the perfect toy to accompany these processes safely.

When building My First Tiny Playhouse with Climbing Platform, you will see your toddler try to pull themselves up and soon after start to climb the 25 cm platform. As a parent, you will see the great joy of your child as they succeed in these movements.

With its warm-to-the-touch tubes, soft edges, odorless and plasticizer-free plastic, BEGINNER is a safe and ideal companion for developing fine and gross motor skills. Each of the 14 designs is an adventure for your toddler, whether overcoming height differences or crawling through the model. QUADRO is simply the perfect toy for early childhood development and learning because it is compact and can be quickly built. Whether in the bedroom, living room or children’s room — depending on where the action takes place — the uncomplicated versatility of QUADRO always supports your ideas.

Incidentally, you’ll be surprised how naturally the QUADRO model is adopted — little children over the age of 6 months quickly get used to the “giant” toy and use it to practice. This strengthens the confidence of your toddler and ensures from the beginning their successful development.

Depending on the child’s age (from about the age of 2 years) and the motor skills, you may consider expanding the BEGINNER. The Model Database is very helpful in providing suggestions, where you will find game towers and of course the QUADRO learning chair. Because QUADRO playground equipment is versatile and combines the benefits of many products in one, along with a quality that allows it to be used over several generations, they are overall a much better value than comparable active or disposable toys. This protects the wallet and the environment.

*A toddler is a child who starts to consciously perceive his surroundings and wants to actively explore them through movement. This usually takes place in the first 6 to 12 months of life.


  • Recommended age: 1+
  • Model suggestions: 12
  • Height: under 2 ft
  • UV Stabilized / UV Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly: recycling class 5 and 2
  • Made in Germany



It is recommended that you supervise your child during assembly, as small parts such as screws may cause suffocation. Do not leave your child unattended even when the construction kit is assembled to avoid unintentional swoops. QUADRO products are intended for private use. Our construction kits are extremely robust! However, you should leave the climbing to your children, even if fun is tremendous.

  • Tube weight capacity: 100 kg long term
  • Panel weight capacity: 50 kg long term, 100 kg short term
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The smallest KIT, which is still GIANT BIG!

The following learning towers can be implemented from the BEGINNER (late 2018)

The Model Idea Learning Tower is a raised platform for toddlers, which can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, for example, to act together at the same height. Instead of watching "from below" and whining, your dwarf is suddenly right in the middle of it all. Due to the lateral border, a secure hold is always guaranteed and this immediately creates confidence!

The QUADRO PLUG-IN system makes it easy to set up your Learning Tower. No sawing or drilling, no DIY construction plans and trips to the DIY store. Everything you need is included in the BEGINNER KIT (Rev. 2). And should your learning tower ever come into contact with fruit or other colouring food - no problem. With QUADRO's high-density materials, you don't have to worry about colouring anything.

What is important is the comparatively large stand area, which proved to be the perfect platform size 40 years ago, in combination with the slightly roughened plate for an even more secure hold. Depending on your age, you can also build the QUADRO learning towers open - just as your crawler needs them.

The Learning Tower from QUADRO is exemplary for the characteristics of the system with very good quality and maximum versatility and expandability. You can clean all parts without restriction and without any problems with the usual household cleaners, such as green soap or detergent. You can do this as often as you want or need to. The QUADRO guarantee of 6 years gives you security here.


  • Upper railing ideal at child's hip height
  • Either completely closed or partially open
  • Easy and safe access to the models, no sharp edges, everything rounded and easy to grip - tried and tested worldwide for 40 years
  • The height of the stand in 45 cm is perfect for small children to reach the counter or washbasin themselves
  • In addition to the platform height of 45 cm, a height of 25 cm is also available - useful for training first
  • plate slightly roughened for a secure stand, nevertheless stain resistant, in case something goes wrong
  • Material indestructible even against household cleaners such as green soap or detergents
  • Can also be used outdoors - no water absorption with splinter and crack formation as with wood products
  • No painting or impregnation necessary during the entire life cycle
  • Very important: No permanent odours after outdoor use, as water and other environmental influences cannot penetrate the highly compressed material

Everyday, your child wants to be busy, not entertained! With BEGINNER, you can provide them with meaningful opportunities that you can experience together. Include the learning tower in your everyday life and turn ordinary activities into super-exciting and interesting adventures for your little one.

By the way: You can rebuild your BEGINNER learning tower into a climbing or play design at any time and as often as you like. Thanks to the Model Database, which features over 20 different designs for BEGINNER (Rev. 2, end of August 2018), the kit will not get boring. And of course, BEGINNER is fully compatible with all QUADRO products.

All these features combined make BEGINNER, in our opinion, giant!